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About Me

So I got the idea for this book many, many moons ago and like all my other INCREDIBLE ideas ūüôā ….I did nothing but just talk about it for the longest.¬†Then one day I said, “Let’s just do it. I’m going to do it. Granny, I’m going to put all that stuff you use to say in a book.”

I spent a lot of time with my paternal, great grandmother growing up. After school, summers, weekends, my brother and I were right there at Granny’s house. ¬†And it was not just us, she kept ALL the grand children at some point. ¬†Some summers we could be 6-8 deep in the house, like a little crew just driving her crazy. ¬†But she loved having us all there and nothing made her prouder than to tell someone how many grandchildren, great and great, great grandchildren she had.

On any given day, at any given time, no matter WHAT the scenario, Granny had a saying or proverb to apply. ¬†When you’re a kid, profound grandmother wisdom¬†might as well have sounded like the teacher in the Peanuts comics cause you had no clue what she was talking about. ¬†But for some reason, every proverb and every expression were¬†committed to memory. ¬†So here I am ‘umpteen’ years later with the¬†beautiful 2 year old daughter I’d always dreamed of having, and was faced with the reality that she will never hear Granny’s voice. ¬†And Granny will not be able to share those proverbs, those stories or those expressions with her. ¬†I could not¬†let that part of her be lost with time, so I set out to¬†capture this little piece of Granny that Gabrielle can have forever.

With motivation in hand, next I had to figure out how to create a book, then a brand and here we are. ¬†I would have NEVER thought in a million years I would have sold any more than the obligatory 20 copies or so to my parents (you know, the way most parents buy the majority of their daughter’s girl scout cookies). ¬†But 2000 copies later…..I’m still feeling the love and support.

So I know I’ve spent a lot of time talking about my great grandmother, but that really sums up who I am. ¬†Just an island girl that LOVED that woman with everything and created this brand to honor how important she was to me and in turn, honor how important it’s become to appreciate and honor the Caribbean heritage I was born into.