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Nice, Right!

“Well, Well, Well…Look at Us!”

During the Caribbean American Heritage Month Events in Atlanta (2017, Atlanta City Hall), the US Virgin Islands were recognized for its Transfer Day Centennial Celebration. Our governor, Kenneth Mapp was in attendance. I was unable to attend BUT thee WONDERFUL Naeemah Charles, who told me about the event, suggested he be presented with a copy of ‘As de Old People Would Say’. (That’s Naeemah doing all the presenting in the video).

SSssooooo…THANK YOU Naeemah, for always looking out and doing all the wonderful things that you do. And an extra special shout-out to the crew behind the camera – TIND Media Productions.

Happy Transfer Day!

Read up on the Centennial Celebration here: http://www.vitransfercentennial.org/

May 29, 2017
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